In January 2016, I began a new exciting research at the Museum of Natural History in Venice, for study mammal fossils from Steggio.
Steggio is located at west of Possagno, and it is commonly known as the natal town of Antonio Canova and for his Tempio.

In 1986, a tibial bone of a large elephant had been recovered from clay sediments. Between 1986 and 1993, palaeontologists discovered about 250 fossil remains of large mammals, such as Eucladoceros, Rhinoceros and a large bovid.
The faunal collection has been partially studied and published in Italian journals, but other important fossils are still waiting for a deep investigation.

Today, the study is going on at the Museum of Natural History in Venice, where I’m working with a small team, in order to finish the study and to present our results to a large audience in Venice and Possagno.

Unfortunately, we need help. We have no financial support for this project and I need to compare large specimens with other European collections.
Your contribution could be exential for achieve our goal!

Please, read, follow and share the project,
and support it with a small quote of money!

You can find more details on the website (in Italian).
Information is uploaded periodically, so visit it more than once to see more photos and news!